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April 2007

Gathering of individual's information
The web site of the Japan Adhesive Industry Association has been created with the purpose of providing information about adhesives and related materials, and we may obtain some personal information through this site by legal and fair means such as from people who send us enquiries.
The staff members of the Association will only obtain personal information after following the correct procedures outlined for obtaining information from member companies or groups.
Type of personal information that might be collected
The following information may be gathered via this website (from people who send enquiries or from other associated people):
1. Individual's name and address
2. E-mail address
3. Company name and position within the company

Use of personal information
Any personal information gathered by means of this website will only be used to provide services within the range of the purposes given below.
* [General]
1. Applications for enrolment in the Adhesive Technology School
2. Applications for enrolment in the Introduction to Adhesives Course
3. Information, distribution and sale of Association publications such as books and magazines
4. Applications for membership in the Association
* [For members]
1. Information, distribution and sale of Association publications such as bulletins, books and magazines
2. Regular notifications and communications from Association headquarters
If personal information is entrusted to a third party at any time, we take appropriate measures such as a thorough investigation of the third party and giving them a requirement to agree to non-disclosure provisions in order to ensure that the third party handles the information with an appropriate level of protection.

Provision of information to third parties
The Japan Adhesive Industry Association will not pass on personal information to a third party without first receiving the permission of the individual concerned, unless otherwise required to do so by law.
Management of personal information
In order to maintain the accuracy of personal information, the Association may contact individuals via e-mail or by regular mail as necessary, and the Association's website may take measures such as the installation of a firewall in order to maintain the safety and integrity of the website.
Disclosure, correction, prevention of usage and disposal of personal information
An individual may request their personal information to be disclosed, corrected, prevented from being used, or discarded, and if such a request is received, we will undertake to implement the request as quickly as possible.
If you have a request for personal information to be disclosed, corrected, prevented from being used, or discarded, please send it via the form provided on this website.
The Japan Adhesive Industry Association will check with the individual concerned by means of a confirmation e-mail or some other method before any disclosure, correction, prevention of use or disposal of personal information takes place.
Organization and structure
The Directors and Department Heads of the Association are the designated people who are responsible for the protection and management of personal information, and they undertake to carry out management of personal information correctly.
Observation of relevant laws
the Japan Adhesive Industry Association undertakes to observe all applicable Japanese laws and internal regulations established by the Association governing the correct handling of personal information.
Scope of application
This Privacy Policy is only applicable to the content given on web pages hosted under the domain of this website ().
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